It’s reflection time. How much do you really know about yourself? Get a sheet of paper and a pen and create a mind-map. Go wild. But prepare yourself, this is a pretty hectic interrogation of yourself, and it’s you shining that light in your own face.

1. What interests or excites you? Are you interested in learning about it both academically and for leisure purposes? Really? Are you sure it’s Psychology? Do you think you’ll still enjoy it academically in three years’ time?

2. What are you good at or what could you be good at? Does it match up with your interests?

3. What could go wrong? When thinking about our certain choices, we may focus on the positive, but we must also consider the cons…Go ask people in your fields of interest about both the good, bad and ugly sides to their jobs. 

So there are lots of question marks floating around here, and perhaps this is the appropriate time to pause and think realistically about a ‘career’. If you’ve always had a particular dream job in mind and you go out, study for it and get it, fantastic 🙂

Similarly, if you are completely discombobulated and have no clue what you want, that is also PRETTY DAMN FINE. In fact, it makes for a pretty fun adventure: you could be working for your parents one day and starting up your own company the next. Who knows where life could take you? It’s not easy, and Life can take you in a whole bunch of directions. There’s nothing wrong with just going along for the ride!

4. But there’s one last question that looking back I’d like to have thought about more. Do you feel pressured into making a certain decision? – To study a particular thing at university, to go to university at all? A gap year or four won’t do any harm if you’re finding productive ways to spend it. Life experience can be equally as valuable as academic experience. Are your family pressuring you? Your friends? Are you pressuring you? Pressure is not necessarily bad, it could motivate you, but still factor it in.